Mobile Engagement

So you have a solid field force, and your reps are doing great! They are your brand advocates, they know the product, they know how to sell it, they diligently visit their accounts and territories, and they are making a difference. But your competitors are there too, and their field forces aren’t so bad. How do you stand out? How do you get your message across without blowing your budget? How do you make your message stand out from all the noise?

Innovate – go mobile!



mVentix pioneered the use of text messaging, mobile video and mobile web technology to communicate with thousands of retail sales associates in real time, regardless of mobile carrier, device platform or location. This technology virtually multiplies the impact of your field force and your brand for a fraction of the cost.


It’s time to bring online training into the 21st century. Store associates are no longer willing to spend hours tied to a computer to learn about your products. Some of them don’t even own one. Fortunately, they are inseparable from their smartphones and tablets, so now they can learn on the go, via SellPro – our advanced mobile training app.