Market Intelligence

Why not call it “Secret Shopping”?

Secret Shopping, often implies a bunch of untrained, unorganized people in the field, running around gathering what data they “feel” is right and reporting it whenever and however they can… with very little understanding of the project objectives. So typically you the client get low quality data and you get it too late to do anything about it…

That isn’t us.

Yes, we do gather loads of point of sale information… and yes, sometimes our reps pretend to be just customers shopping “in secret”… What really makes a difference is that our Market Intelligence Reps know exactly what to look for, how to get it, and how to report it. And… if any of that fails, our smart reporting platform knows how to identify erroneous data patterns and prompt further scrutiny as needed, so you can rely on quality intelligence information, the lowest margin of error in the industry, and leverage the best real-time analytics.

There are many point of sale data points that we gather, analyze and report, but most fit within the following main areas:


Majority of consumer purchase decisions of non-commodity products at the store level depend on a sales person’s recommendation. Are you measuring your store associate mindshare? Can you improve it? Well… what you can measure, you can improve. And we can help you do both.


Have you ever audited the POS compliance reports supplied by your field force or by the retailer? If you haven’t, you should. This is where we come in with unbiased, trendable and actionable compliance data you can rely on.


How important is it for you to know what your competitors are doing at any given time at the point of sale? Will that kind of information flow help you plan, make decisions, react or lead? We can deliver it straight from the retail doors to your fingertips, a login away.



Can you really see what your customer sees? Is she approached on time? Does the salesperson know enough to make a connection and close the sale? Can a customer touch, feel, sample your product ? Is the experience consistent across the board? The best way to find out is to put yourself into a customer’s shoes, and go shopping. Let us do the shopping for you.


At retail, your field force is your last line of offense and first line of defense. Do you really know how it performs? The best way to find out is to see it in action, ask your customers, survey your partners. We can do that at scale and we can bring meaningful data that you can rely on when making decisions, when it is time to make a change… or not make a change.