Direct Sales

Certain products and services may not fit the traditional framework of the brick and mortar retail, and major distribution models. They typically require a more direct approach, a concerted sales effort that brings the product to the customer, not the customer to the product.

This is where we come in.

Some products sell better door to door, others require us to go where the customer goes. Bringing the product directly to the customer is not easy. It takes creativity, sales talent, technology and logistics to make it work, but whether we sell to consumers or to businesses, the objective is clear – drive sales, and driving sales we do.

Here is how:



It all starts with deep discovery. We ask a lot of questions to really understand your products, your market and your goals. Then we propose a direct sales strategy. We set the sales targets and we pilot in a few markets. We let the numbers tell the story and when they do, we scale. This is how you get the highest impact at the lowest risk. And your risk is very low… Why? Because we only charge commission on what we sell.


Direct sales are not for everyone. It takes a special mindset and a special skill, and we know how to find them. We structure the sales team to fit the job, not the other way around. We assign or bring in the right people and we manage them with the right blend of technology, motivation, performance metrics and commission structure to drive your numbers.


Unlike most sales firms, we are also a technology R&D house. We develop our own field management, sales, training and reporting platforms, then we adapt them to your program, fast.